Juan Carlos, a young man born in Troncones, began the Sea Turtle Sanctuary by himself when he was just a child.

During the night several sea turtles will come ashore at Troncones to lay their eggs where they themselves hatched.  Juan Carlos and his team search out these turtles, recover the eggs and bury them at the sanctuary where they  have the best chance to incubate and be safely released. 

Two months later the turtles hatch.  Almost every evening there is liberation of turtles on the beach in front of Casa Canela. Visitors are given the opportunity to help in the liberation of the baby  sea turtles. There is no fee but the donations are always welcomed.  Each year approximately 15,000 baby see turtles are born and set out to sea from this sanctuary.

Water Falls

The Mesa de Bravo Water Falls are comprised of 12 levels of falls,  swimming holes and slides. A one hour drive from Troncones and you are rewarded with the clean refreshing waters of this mountain wonderland.


Horseback Riding

Ride along the beach or continue up 0n to the mountain for a tour to the bat cave. There a 2 outfitters in Troncones.

The Sea Turtle Sanctuary

The turtle sanctuary is located right across the road from Casa Canela.

Almost daily at sunset, the hatchlings come to life and are released on the beach. We are so fortunate to watch them as they race toward the water to begin their lives at sea.

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Troncones is a quaint village located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, aka Mexican Riviera. It is a short 25 minute drive from Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo and the International airport (ZIH).

A Little Piece of Paradise

Aside from the breathtaking beaches, Troncones is known as an ecological paradise, with several estuaries and lagoons home to hundreds of species of birds and even a few crocodiles.
Sea turtles nest here and the local people are active in the conservation of these endangered creatures. 
Whales pass in their migratory routes and dolphins are often seen close to shore.
Troncones is world famous as one of Mexico’s best year round surf destinations with several renowned breaks here and nearby Saladita.
There is a multitude of excellent dining options from the very casual to the semi formal. Seafood of course is fresh and plentiful but, there is also the finest cuts of beef grilled to perfection right across the street at Roberto's Bistro and everything else from pizza to the best of Mexican cuisine.
Diving, snorkelling, fishing and kayaking can all be arranged. We even have a skate board park in the village.
In the end Troncones has something to offer most everyone as long as what you are looking for isn’t the average resort town.



is probably the most popular activity in the Troncones area. With 4 world class breaks it is no wonder. If you are not already a surfer, lessons are available and can be arranged through your hosts at Casa Canela.


is a popular pastime here. Fishermen and their 'pongas' can be hired for a half day at nearby Mahawa. Sierra, red snapper, sail fish and tuna are a few of the possible catches.

La Boca Lagoon

is an easy stroll from Mahawa along the beach. There you will find nature's amazing diversity. 

Kayak the estuary with COSTA NATIVA ECOTOURS

Boogie Boarding

What better way to enjoy the Pacific Ocean than to be riding in on a wave. Casa Canela provides the boogie boards. The Pacific provides the waves.